Mom, mum, mummy, maa all the sweet names we call our mother; because where would we be without our mamas. Mothers are a gift so rare and precious that priceless pearls don’t stand a chance! And with Mother’s Day around the corner, it is mandatory to spoil our mums a little bit more than we usually do. I do hope you spoil them regardless of the season.

Trips – Okay we can all agree that our mothers barely take any trips. Some have never even travelled anywhere apart from the common trifecta, work-home-village! Sigh. So how about an all-expenses paid trip to the coast or the Bahamas. Heck go big or go home LOL. They will love it and it will be a chance to relax, unwind and forget all it takes to be a mother, because it takes a loot! Just remember she will bring along her hubby so you might wanna consider him too, even if it’s for Mother’s Day.

All day pamper day – Start at a cute coffee house for breakfast. Let her get her kick of tea, because on this side of Africa tea takes precedence. Now on a full stomach it is time for the one thing all women love, shopping! Clothes, shoes, bags even house stuff; whatever makes her smile let her pick. Of course let us stay within budget. The day has just begun alright? Now it is salon time. Let her hair be fixed, get her a full pedicure and manicure and finish it off with a nice easy spa massage. Relaxation 101 after all the girl boss moves y’all just pulled all day. You could also send her some Mpesa to help her sleep better LOL.

Just Ask – Not necessarily a gift right? But probably the safest route to take. One thing about women, they want things how they want them. So ask mum what she would like to do or buy. Then go ahead and give her what she asked for. You are allowed to gift her extra things but baseline is whatever she asks for. This way everyone is happy. Try it. Chances are she will probably ask for something way less expensive than what you were thinking about. Hey as I said, everyone goes home happy.