January blues, they hit hard huh? It is the depression or sadness arising from having a difficult month. And hey, this looks different for everyone. January is the month that is often associated with financial stress; especially arising from the overspending that happens over Christmas holiday.

January brings with it a load of responsibilities. There’s back to school expenses, travels from the country back to the city all of which create the common terms such as Njanuary and the never ending 365 days of January. It can be tough and can definitely take a toll on our mental, physical health and overall behavior. Now this is not an old people disease, I mean even the youngings get it tough. Having to go back to school after a lit holiday. Hey we are all struggling. So here are a few ways to recover from the January BS!

Take a trip – I know we just said we do not have money but stay with me a while. You know January is a tough month. You know there are double the expenses (Honestly this is a myth, but oh well!) And you know that you need to keep your sanity. So why not plan for it. Keep some money aside, so that after all the Christmas partying is done, you have cash for January expenses and some for your trip. The trip can be a local trip. Naivasha definitely has a lot of hidden gems. This will require a lot of discipline on your part but it does pay off.

Prioritize – Can the new handbag and expensive watch on your vision board wait? Then let it wait. Prioritize on expenses that require immediate attention and handle them first. Like rent, rent is IMPORTANT; at least until you get back on your financial feet. That way you can ease your mental wellbeing into a space that is not stressed or anxious over the main cause of January blues, Money!

New Year resolutions – Please have realistic and easily attainable resolutions for the first quarter. There is no issue with wanting to buy a tesla in January, but is it worth it or even attainable? Segment your resolutions into parts throughout the year. Since January starts off tough, go for easier to achieve resolutions such as home workouts to save on gym costs so that as you further prioritize, you can spend a bit more when you have enough. Remember the goal is to take care of your mental state to avoid anxiety, stress and depression. Chew a bit at a time.