Do men get pedicures? Of course, they do. It’s amazing how the number of men who indulge their feet has sky-rocketed. That leaves us with the question of, should they get their toenails groomed?

For the longest time men have been skeptical about going to a nail bar. A stigma has been attached to words pedicure over years, pointing out that these treatments are for women only.

“Generally speaking, men feet rarely receive any focused attention and hardly see light of the day!” Said Mike “I’ll admit that my first few minutes in pedicure was a little guarded. But as the treatment process continued I became more relaxed. Looking down my toes and feet was unbelievably rewarding too” He continued.

Well, taking good care of feet is just as essential for men as it for women. Pedicure isn’t necessarily about getting dashes of colour and stuff, it’s about having healthy and clean feet.

Norms aside, here are the top five reasons why you should get a pedicure

  1. Improves health

According to health experts, a lot of diseases manifest themselves in the feet. Keeping your toenails in check helps prevent ailments that are not only hard to treat but can be painful and a have a future effect to one’s health. For example, slight buildup of ingrown toenails, corns or bunions shift how you walk therefore causing back pains.

Getting a feet treatment is also a way to exfoliate and remove dead skin, soften heels and eliminate calluses.

  1. Relieve Stress

Most men spend a lot of their time on their feet working or at the gym and this can take a toll on their feet. But a pedicure can help reduce stress on legs and feet, other than neatly trimmed and shaped nails is the massage and water hot soak. This improves blood circulation in your feet and joints leaving you feeling relaxed

  1. Maintains nail and feet hygiene

Let’s be honest men, when is the last time you thoroughly cleansed your feet? Regular pedicures could help men deal with problems like foot odor, nail fungus and athlete’s foot. It also the best way to remove dead skin, dirt and bacteria from feet.

  1. Helps prevent brittle and discoloured nails

Keeping your toenails in check helps your nails stay strong. Without regular upkeep, nails can become weak and discoloured.

Nail discoloration can be caused by fungi which can be present between your feet for months. Regular thorough cleaning and removal of dead skin and cuticles could help prevent brittle and tanned nails.

  1. Improve Image

Clean and well groomed nails can do wonders for your image and your self-esteem. You’ll never find yourself hiding your toenails and probably go out of your way to wear sandals after a long day spent crammed with socks and closed shoes. Need not say, neatly trimmed nails can also save your socks from wear and tear.