Ladies can define Valentine’s Day in three words: Flowers, wine, and chocolates. Sounds easy right? But what exactly does Valentine’s Day mean to a man? How hard is it to prepare for that special day?
In this article, we share with you tips on how you can ensure that as a man, you ace it when that day comes. Consider these tips a manual to surviving this or any other Valentine’s Day J :

  1. Get Her to Say Yes First.

The first step to get this right is by ensuring that the person you wish to spend this special day with is on the same page as you. The greatest disappointment in any man’s life is planning something exceptional for a special lady and her not showing up. There is a famous saying in Nairobi; “Ni wako akiwa kwako, akitoka ni wetu.”  Unless you are officially dating, you need to be certain of her availability on that day and see if your schedules align.

  1. Find a Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

The only reason a lady will buy you socks and a tie every other Valentine’s is because they haven’t spent time to get to know your fun side and use that to their advantage. Here is the top-secret to buying your favorite person a memorable gift:

  • Be a good listener- Ladies always hint out what they desire. Pay keen attention to things that they casually say like: “On my next birthday I want…” and use that to your advantage.
  • ScreenShots/ Pinterest Pins – In this digital era you can analyze a person using their favorite Apps. Ladies tend to save things that they wish to buy next on their Pinterest Apps as Saved Pins or as Screenshots on their gallery. Use that to get an idea of what she desires, then surprise her with it.
  • Vision Boards/ Bucket Lists – If your lady keeps one, you’ll find a clue there on things like; her dream destinations or dream car.
  1. Cozy Romantic Date Night

Now that we have secured a special person and have the perfect gift, it’s time to fix your date. It does not have to be an expensive getaway for her to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Little gestures like sharing ice cream from the same cup after having a great homemade meal go a long way.

Here is how you can get that 5-Star rating from your special person on Valentine’s Day date:

  • Be the Chef for the Night– Have you seen how movies sell romance through Halloween costumes? Dress up as a sexy chef on Halloween, prepare her favorite dish and use phrases or acts of submission like; “Allow me to serve you, my lady.”
  • Valentine’s Karaoke or Game Night- Date night does not end after a scrumptious dinner at your favorite restaurant. Create a game or karaoke session at home after your dinner as you sip on some wine to end the day with more fun.
  • Staycation – Booking a hotel for Valentine’s Day staycation can simplify your work. Most hotels in town offering such have romantic setups, spa treatment and other packages included making your work easy.
  • Kizomba Party- Kizomba is the most romantic and intimate genre of dance ever invented. If you aren’t a good cook, you can order some food or KFC and wine. Watch YouTube videos of people dancing Kizomba and try out the dance moves with your lady.

Try these tips out and let us know how your Valentine’s Day turns out. Feel free to share your tips as well in the comment section below. Happy Valentines! J